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EASCO electric is an company specialized in products and services for automation , electrical connection and cable protection systems. Established for 28 years with products that export to 68 countries.
EASCO located in Shanghai China, with two brands EASCO and ORISM. Brand ORSIM is for electrical control and connection, while the brand EASCO is for cable protection products.
EASCO electrical is dedicated to the services of design, research and development, production, customization and technical support. We provide one stop service for different industries such as photovoltaic, semiconductor, new energy resources, automation, equipment manufacturer, rail transit system, win electricity, nuclear power, intelligent building, etc.
EASCO electric keeps over 50000 high-quality product inventory for meeting needs of global users, and thus achieve the goal of reducing procurement costs, reducing inventory pressure, and improving supply efficiency.

  • Outline

    Company Name
    General Manager   Ken Wu
    Turnover   $5.5 million (2021)
    Founded   June , 1993
    Number of Employees   258
    Business Scope

      EASCO electric is an company specialized in products and

      services for automation , electrical connection and cable

      protection systems. .

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  • Advantages of the EASCO

    EASCO Electric's focus is to create value for our customers, to meet customer needs, to provide customers with reasonable solutions is our core and value.

    EASCO Electric continuously develops, selects and integrates resources with suppliers. The opportunity to audit and review each plant can be provided according to customer needs. Integrity and transparency is always our company adhere to, "not fine, not honest, not moving", we have nothing to hide, we are very confident in their product quality and service.

    Since its establishment, the company has adopted the direct selling system, participated in and solved a large number of practical use cases, and accumulated rich experience and knowledge reserves in the application industry. With rich experience in serving large enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures, we have professional engineers to provide solutions for customers, including electrical automation, wind power, photovoltaic, automotive industry, aerospace and other industries. There is a complete pre-sale - sale - after-sales program system, in order to meet the actual needs of customers.

    EASCO has the advantage of scale in procurement, pricing by volume, and controlling procurement costs to customers with huge procurement quantity. We can provide solutions according to customers' needs and match suitable products.

  • EASCO, Wiring experts at your side

    The vision of EASCO Electric is to become the preferred expert in providing complete wiring solutions for automated cabinets.

    To achieve this goal, EASCO Electric has assembled a strong technical team consisting of experienced and skilled product engineers, application engineers, electrical engineers and technicians. Based on our extensive power distribution knowledge and advanced instruments, equipment and software, EASCO Electric is able to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services such as design, manufacturing, customization and technical support.

Sales territory of LILY BEARING

EASCO products have been sold globally for 30 years, and our customers are located in 68 countries including Europe, Asia, and North America. Currently, Europe is our largest market.